Monday, December 28, 2015

Russian Tour 2016 - Big changes, but still coming !

So we have cancelled our appearance on Coyote on the road tour 2016. We have booked some new shows however and will still return to Russia

Unfortunately Johnny King wont be on tour with us this time due to work and other personal commitments so we will have Karl leavey doing the blasts and skanks. ( current/previous bands - seizure, coscradh, twisted mass, refraction, )

looking forward to getting sweaty on stage with this

Monday, December 21, 2015

We are back from our Spanish/ Portugal tour, a nice time was had. Last minute cancellation of show in Lisbon, led us to the disgraca gigspace and cafe where a gig was made at short notice by our good friends there. We will surely return as these guys were very sound in everything to do with organisiation of this gig.

On to Porto, Palencia and madrid with diaafected guys, sound people and strange music will twist my memories for some time to come, new friends made and awesome shows were played.

enough metal English drivel.

next project for the eathly incarnation of abaddon himself....
russian tour

yes! we return to russia for the 10th anniversery of coyote fest in moscow and while we are there, we will play extra shows at the following dates

2nd march - St Petersberg
3rd March - Veliky Novgorod
4th march - Tver
5th March - Moscow coyote fest
6th march - Bryansk

more news soon,
untill then

STeve m 666

Tuesday, August 11, 2015

new bass player - new vinyl

Following the departure of Steve Finnerty from the band and a farewell gig at monsters of rot, we have the announcement of a new bass player "IRENE SIRAGUSA" (Ex Okus, Sodb, Wound upon wound)

Irene has been jammin away with us over the summer and were poised and ready to attack with some shows in the coming autumn, beginning with LONDON 10th OCTOBER in the birds nest.

Also, we are pleased and chuffed to have the "pessimist" released on vinyl
you can buy it here

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

2015 Update

Happy new Year maggots!!
We have been a bit shit keeping this blog updated for a while, so I have some some deadly news for you all to wrap your brains around for a few moments.

We are hitting the UK for a your with our good friends from basement torture killings
We are also taking Irish Noise project Ohdaith with us

There will be a Abaddon/ BTK tour shirt available and also pessimist Vinyl, thats right, PESSIMIST VINYL!!!!

So save your 12 pound sterling for that sexy hot wax.

UK grind freaks, we are Coming to a town near you, in april

fri 3rd london
sat 4th oxford
sun 5th bristol
mon 6th aberdeen
tues 7th GLASGOW
weds 8th preston
thurs 9th Belfast
fri 10th dublin
sat 11th Cork

so untill the next blog update, keep it real !!!!

Steve M