Sunday, February 26, 2017

Feb / March 2017

Quick update, We have just finished a Irish mini tour, playing a really cool gig in fibbers in Dublin on Friday night, place was packed out and all the bands played well and we got to Resurect the mighty "putrefaction" from their brief Hiatus. We also hit the poser holocaust festival 3 in lisburn in Northern Ireland so it was nice to meet all the people up in that scene and check out "acid age" live, very impressive stuff.

Next on the cards is two days rehearsals with our old drummer Johnny King who has kindly stepped in to relieve karl leavey from going to Australia with us in 2 weeks. Karl has college exams and its a bit too much work to be gallivanting around Australia in a van with us scumbags for two weeks while trying to do Study or whatever it is students are supposed to do.

Here is the poster of the Abaddon Incarnate "drunks and convicts" Australian tour 2017

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